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Add IP Printers on Mac OS X

Summary: How to add IP printers on Mac OS X.

Adding IP Printers via Self Service

To add IP Printers to your computer via Self Service, follow these steps. NOTE: Not all IP printers may be in Self Service, to install a printer not in Self Service, see the Adding IP Printers Manually section below.

  • Launch Self Service (Macintosh HD > Applications > Self Service)
  • Login to Self Service (use your Stevenson provided login credentials)
  • Once logged into Self Service, choose the Printers category.
  • In the Printers category, you will find the printers configured to print via IP. To install these printers, either click the Install button associated with the printer you want to install on your computer, or click the information icon for more information, and the option to install. 
  • Self Service will automatically install the printer on your computer, and the required driver(s) if necessary, and you can begin printing to it. Repeat the steps above to add additional printers from Self Service.

Adding IP Printers Manually

To manually add an IP Printer to your computer, follow these steps...

  • Launch System Preferences (Macintosh HD > Applications > System Preferences)
  • In System Preferences, choose Printers & Scanners (OS X 10.8+).
  • Click Add (+) to setup a new printer.
    • OS X 10.8+: The Add Printer window will open immediately.
  • In the Add Printer window, choose the IP icon at the top of the window (it should appear as a sphere with lines on it).
  • Follow the example below for what information to enter in each field...
    • Address: < This is the name of the printer, with the domain at the end.
    • Protocol: HP Jetdirect - Socket < For HP printers, use HP Jetdirect - Socket. For KONICA MINOLTA, Ricoh, and Xerox multi-function printers, use Line Printer Daemon - LPD.
    • Queue: Blank < Leave this field blank.
    • Name: LP0190 < Optional. It will autofill from the Address field.
    • Location: Link Labs Hall < Optional. This field may or may not autofill.
    • Use: HP LaserJet 4250 < The printer driver will likely be automatically selected. If not, you will need to know the printer model you are adding - choose Select Printer Software from the pull-down menu, and find the proper printer driver from the list.

  • Once the proper information is entered in all fields, click the Add button.
  • If there are any special options for the printer (eg. additional feed trays, etc.), choose them on the Installable Options window, and click OK (in most cases, it is fine to just click the OK button).

An IP Printer has now been successfully added to the Mac. Repeat the steps above to add additional printers.

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