New AESHS Employee Intranet

In order to make accessing Stevenson Links, as well as other information easier, a new AESHS Employee Intranet has been created within Google Sites, and is available to all Adlai E. Stevenson High School Employees with a Google Apps account.

The new AESHS Employee Intranet is available three different ways...

  1. Bookmark the following URL:
  2. Go to the Stevenson Homepage > Quicklinks > Staff Links/Intranet
  3. Login to your Stevenson Google Apps account, and go to Google Sites. In the search bar at the top of Google Sites, search for Intranet or Stevenson Links. You will see AESHS Intranet in the results.

On the AESHS Intranet page, a drop-down menu under the AESHS Links tab has all links that were previously available, broken down into several different categories...Stevenson Links, Technology Links, HR Links, and Sodexo make them more manageable and easier to access.

The old Stevenson Links Google Site will be removed soon, but will redirect users to the new AESHS Employee Intranet Google Site. So if you have old site bookmarked, please update your bookmarks as necessary.

09 Mar, 2015
New AESHS Employee Intranet