Printing via PaperCut

Summary: How to print from an iOS device using PaperCut.

Before printing from an iOS device, make sure the PaperCut web clip is on your iOS device. If not, instructions on how to manually add it can be found here.

Note: You will only be able to print from an iOS device when connected to the patriots SSID.

Open the document, email, webpage, etc. that you would like to print. This example will be done from the iOS Notes app. Please note that the step to select to printer may vary from app to app.

From the app, document, email, webpage, etc. that you would like to print, tap the iOS Share Icon.

A pop-up will appear, select Print.

A Printer Options pop-up will appear. Tap Select Printer to choose the printer you would like to send your print job to.

Select the printer you would like to send your print job to.

Note: Printers are only available based on location within the building. At this time, only the following printers are available...

East Building & Link Labs: Lexmark-3014H (Link Labs Hall)

West Building: Canon-2300 (ILC)

Once the printer is selected, you can tap Options to toggle available options. Note: Options are not available on all printers.

When ready to print, tap Print to send the print job to the printer.

Once the print job has been sent, close the document or app you are printing, and open the PaperCut web-clip that is saved on your Home Screen.


When the PaperCut web-clip opens, enter your AESHS username and password, and tap Log In. This will authenticate the print job, and allow PaperCut to process the print job as you.

Once logged in, the print job should appear under the Pending and Recent Jobs section. Once the print job has begun processing, it will show a status of In Progress. The status will change to Sent to Printer, and become grayed out, when the job has begun printing.

Tip: If the print job does not appear, try logging out and logging back in to the PaperCut web-clip. This often fixes the issue.

You may now go to the printer to collect your print job.

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