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Enroll & Setup Self-Service Password Reset with Microsoft Azure

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Last updated: 13 Oct, 2016
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Posted: 27 Sep, 2016
by Steven Diver
Updated: 13 Oct, 2016
by Steven Diver

Summary: Instructions on how to enroll, and setup the self-service password reset feature, in Microsoft Azure, in preparation for required Stevenson user account password changes.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Login to Microsoft Azure
  3. Setup Self-Service Password Reset with Microsoft Azure



While working through this tutorial, you will need the following three things in order to enroll with Microsoft Azure, and setup the self-service password reset feature...

  1. Your username and password for your Stevenson email account.
  2. Access to your mobile phone.
  3. Access to a personal email account.


Login to Microsoft Azure

Open a web browser, and visit

Your web browser will be redirected to a Microsoft Azure login. On the initial screen, enter your email address in the text field, and click the Continue button.

If you have created a personal Microsoft account with your email address, the Microsoft Azure system may ask if you wish to login with a Work or school account or a Personal account. If you are presented with this option, click the Work or school account (Created by your IT department) box.

The Microsoft Azure system will find your Work/School email account in the system, and a Stevenson logo should appear on the page. In the Email or Phone field, enter your email account, and in the Password field, enter your current Stevenson password, then click the Sign In button.

You are now successfully logged in to Microsoft Azure. See the next section for finalizing your registration, and setting up the self-service password reset feature.


Setup Self-Service Password Reset with Microsoft Azure

Once successfully logged in, you will be presented with a don't lose access to your account! window. These steps are required to finalize your Microsoft Azure registration, and to setup the self-service password reset features. You will need to link and verify a mobile phone number, and a personal email address, with your account. This is to keep your account secure. Please note there is a timer in the lower-right corner. If you are idle for 15-minutes without completing this process, you will be logged out, and will need to start over again.

Note: You will NOT receive regular text messages, phone calls, or emails by verifying your mobile phone number and personal email address. This contact information is ONLY used in the event you forget your Stevenson password, in which case a verification code can be texted, called, or emailed to you so you can regain access to your account to reset your password.

Click the Set it up now link, next to Authentication Phone is not configured (#1).

In the window that opens, you will enter and verify your mobile phone number.

In the Select your country or region drop-down menu, select United States (+1).

In the Enter your authentication phone number field, enter your 10-digit mobile phone number (eg. 8471234567).

You will then need to verify the phone number you have entered. Click the text me button to receive a verification code via text message. Or click the call me button to receive a verification code via a phone call.

Depending on the preferred verification method chosen, you will either receive a text message or a phone call with a verification code. Enter the verification code in the field, and click the verify button.

Once your phone is verified, click the Set it up now link, next to Authentication Email is not configured (#2).

In the Enter your authentication email address field, enter a PERSONAL email address that you have access to (eg. Then click the email me button to have a verification code sent to the email address entered.

Check the PERSONAL email account for a verification code email from Microsoft Online Services Team. The email will look similar to the following, but may vary slightly, depending on your email provider or email client. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, check your Spam/Junk folder. Note: The code in the image below is an example only.

Enter the verification code from the email in the field, and click the verify button.

There should now be three green check-marks next to Office phone, Authentication phone, and Authentication email. Click the finish button to complete the registration process.

After clicking the finish button, you will have completed the Microsoft Azure registration process, and will be placed in the Microsoft Azure portal. When password expirations go live, you will be able to change your password.

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